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That sense of craftiness and the Official Fucks I Give Nun Shirt moreover I will buy this obsession with vintage obsession also help designers reclaim their own archives. Anna Sui, who reissued some of her greatest hits last year, was approached by Depop when the retailer noticed an uptick in searches for Sui’s vintage pieces. “I love that there’s a revival of interest in vintage clothing. I grew up going to vintage stores and flea markets every weekend so am happy to see a new audience taking interest in one of my favorite activities through a different platform,” Sui says. “We’re seeing it as a sustainable way to reach a new audience, as an ongoing digital sample sale, and a way to share some of the history of my brand.”

Official Fucks I Give Nun Shirt


It takes 1-3 days to fulfill an order, after which it’s shipped out. The shipping time depends on your location, but can be estimated as follows: USA: 2-7 business days International: 10-20 business days.

Available Products:

When This Virus Is Over I Still Want Some Of You To Stay Away From Me Shirt. Available with T-shirt, Longsleeve, Sweatshirt, Hoodie and all other styles! These are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out and order yours before they are sold out!


Do not use detergent containing chlorine, Do not use detergent, Drying, normal temperature, low heat. Regular ironing can be done by steam or dry ironing, and ironing cannot be more than 110 degrees Celsius

Official Fucks I Give Nun Shirt sweater

Then there’s the Official Fucks I Give Nun Shirt moreover I will buy this overwhelming trend towards casualness, perfectly in step with Radarte, the sweats and tees arm of Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s whimsical Rodarte collection. The sister designers have spoken about Radarte as a truthful extension of their brand, paying homage to their laid-back California culture. “As we continue to grow Radarte, there will be opportunities to offer past season limited edition product and Depop is the perfect place for it,” they wrote over email, noting that more exclusives will be available on the app soon.

Official Fucks I Give Nun Shirt hoodie

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  2. Choose your style: men, women, toddlers, …
  3. Pic Any color you like!
  4. Choose size.
  5. Enter the delivery address.
  6. Wait for your shirt and let’s take a photograph.

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