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But Trumpism is hard to shake. Four years ago, on a cold November Wednesday, I went into my daughter’s butterfly-wallpapered bedroom and woke her to tell her that the I Survived Snovid 21 #Texas Strong shirt it is in the first place but guy with all the sexual assault allegations was going to be president. Perhaps she wasn’t old enough to know what the next four years would bring, and perhaps I wasn’t either, but we both knew the election of Trump was a loss for women everywhere—and, even more than that, it was a loss for decency.

I Survived Snovid 21 #Texas Strong shirt

The memory of telling my then eight-year-old daughter about the I Survived Snovid 21 #Texas Strong shirt it is in the first place but election of Donald Trump is seared into my brain, indelible. Even now, with 2016 firmly in the rear-view mirror, it’s hard to forget how painful the defeat of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump was. And it just got worse, culminating in the installation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in RBG’s seat as the 2020 election was already happening. In fact, the last four years have been an enormous shit sandwich for people who believe that women should have the same rights as men, from the end of the Violence Against Women Act to the expiration of the Equal Rights Amendment.

I Survived Snovid 21 #Texas Strong s Hoodie

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