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While her designs are spontaneous and made in conversation with customers, Porter says the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt moreover I love this creations are also very much influenced by her filmmaking. (She describes her films as “nonverbal visuals.”) “I think very much from a cinematographic perspective—my placement in relation to an object, from an aerial view or from below—so a lot of the images on my tops replicate that kind of point of view,” she says. Even the hangers she shows her pieces on have artistic purpose; they’re shaped in the form of sycamore seeds, of which she says, “Just like how trees release sycamore seeds, I’m releasing these garments out into the world.” Porter says fusing art and fashion has proven to be a new experience for her altogether—but given her current amount of star-studded fans, it’s clearly working. She likes how tangible and personal the process of creating fashion is. “It just made sense to me to put ideas or imagery onto something that could be bought instantly,” she says. “[Art] doesn’t need to exist in a gallery space.”

Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt

Back in May, Alessandro Michele announced a Gucci reset. Spurred by the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt moreover I love this pandemic, the Italian brand would combine men’s and women’s collections, do away with the tired convention of seasons, and cut its shows from five to two per year. “We need new oxygen to allow this complex system to be reborn,” Michele said at the time, warning that given the structural changes, he wouldn’t present on the official calendar. There was no runway spectacular from Michele at Milan Fashion Week in September—no revolving carousel that put the backstage mechanics on display, no front row jammed with the likes of Iggy Pop, A$AP Rocky, and Jared Leto.

Grandpa Astronaut in Space s Hoodie

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