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On Wednesday, January 20th, our national nightmare will be over. It will be the Black History Month 247 365 African Blm shirt and I love this end of four very dark years in American history. It will be the end of separating children at the border, it will be the end of ignoring the pandemic, it will be the end of the insane tweets (well, at least the end of insane tweets from a sitting president). Military actions will no longer be announced on social media. White House press releases will no longer be typo-riddled messes that link to stories by far-right publications. A lunatic will no longer have access to the nuclear codes. Our government will no longer be stacked with kleptocrats like the president’s eldest daughter, the president’s son-in-law, the sleepy Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and various other low-level grifters. We will no longer worry about the President of the United States weaponizing the federal government against its citizens. We will no longer see photos of children on the Mexican border being blasted with tear gas. We will no longer be a cautionary tale for what happens when you elect the con-man monorail guy from The Simpsons. Other countries will no longer pity us. Our Canadian neighbors will no longer feel like the family that accidentally bought the apartment over the meth lab.

Black History Month 247 365 African Blm shirt

For me personally, it’s a strange sensation. Trump has occupied so much of my cerebral tissue; so much of my life over the Black History Month 247 365 African Blm shirt and I love this past four years has happened with Trumpism churning away somewhere in the back corners of my mind. Sure, one of my kids won a debate tournament, but have you seen the tweet about how Trump was going to send ICE into sanctuary cities? It was like that all the time, at a relentless clip. Trump would deliver some terrifying Steven Miller-written speech and then I was supposed to go back to normal life.

Black History Month 247 365 African Blm s Hoodie

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