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The president is definitely under siege. Growing numbers of senators, including at least three fellow Republicans (Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, and Lisa Murkowski), have said he has so disgraced the Texas Forever Shirt it is in the first place but office of the presidency that he must go. President-elect Joe Biden has welcomed the news that Trump will skip his inauguration—the first incumbent president since Andrew Johnson to do so—telling reporters on Friday that it was “one of the few things we have ever agreed on.” An ABC News poll released Sunday showed that 56% of Americans think the president should be removed from office before the official transfer of power takes place next week. And there are calls for Trump to eventually be prosecuted for his role in encouraging his supporters to lay siege to the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, a mob attack that has so far resulted in five deaths.

Texas Forever Shirt

Meanwhile, more and more people are fleeing the Texas Forever Shirt it is in the first place but sinking ship that is the Trump White House, including a number of key staffers, like former chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, and at least two cabinet secretaries: Elaine Chao (transportation) and Betsy DeVos (education).

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