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this. they are just using this as an excuse to take back the DAD I Love You Shirt in contrast I will get this power. Michele Bachelet must be happy about what is happening and the dirty media spreading this fake narrative. It is a very simple situation for those who don’t understand. In Chile right now you have an Army and the Police killing their own compatriots /people. This kind of thing happened only in the history of Stalin, Hitler, Franco, Tito, Mao. Chile already went through this in 1973 under the Dictator August Pinochet. Today, Chil

DAD I Love You Shirt

eans do wake up every day under the DAD I Love You Shirt in contrast I will get this scars that Pinochet left. Today, under the government of Pinera an ally minister of the Pinochet regime, right-wing has let down his own country, by lying, frauds, miserable salaries. meanwhile, the big entrepreneurs, factories, supermarkets, water reservoirs are owned by the big fishes Pinera, Chadwick, Landes, UDI actionist, Becker not allowing the workers to have a decent salary to live and pay their way for Health, transport, food, and essentials to

DAD I Love You Shirt Hoodie

This is the 2020quaranstee – DAD I Love You Shirt, Sweatshirt, LS Shirt, Hoodie…100% Printed in the USA. Quality control before delivery. and the best for birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Teacher’s, Mother’s Day, gift, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, President, Trump, Autism, LGBT, Hobbies, Family, Friends, Camping, Hiking, Camp Fire, Veteran, Film, Independence Day, Black Friday….

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